"Lampas" is the ancient Greek cognate for the modern English word "lamp." We help light the way through the maze of modern publishing.

Since 2010 Lampas Books has assisted in the development and production of over one hundred titles. In fact, you could say that we've got publishing great titles down to a science.

A handful of stellar titles we have helped produce have made serious waves in the traditional and self-publishing marketplaces, garnering literary awards, glowing reviews, and higher-than-average sales. We believe this is due in part to the careful attention we pay to our author clients' titles, as well as the guidance and support we offer once the title has been produced. A few brave authors work with us in a ghostwriting or development capacity, oftentimes increasing the success of a book that wasn't quite ready to go to market. A few are listed below in our "Author Success Stories."

For those authors who are exceptionally talented, we work with our publishing contacts to help them find representation. Our founder, a fifteen-year veteran in the traditional publishing industry, worked in acquisitions at a moderately sized publishing house and made decisions that affected the future of the house's titles list. Using that knowledge has helped us identify stellar authors who are destined for literary stardom. This is not an easy task, but the list of eligible candidates always surfaces from among our many brilliant author clients. Our knowledge of the publishing industry comes in handy when searching for raw, untapped talent, and we fight tooth and nail to make sure their voices are heard.

Where production is concerned, we rely only on the services of top-notch writers, editors, designers, and book packaging professionals. All of our freelancers are handpicked after demonstrating their proficiency in the latest technology, editorial standards, and knowledge of traditional publishing. We know what to look for, and those are the people with whom we choose to work. This means we can guarantee that you will have the best book possible. Our commitment to excellence and the highest publishing standards assures that even authors who are not set for the agent track can stand out from the rest of the pack.

Finally, for those authors who may not have the time or energy to draft a manuscript, but who also have brilliant ideas, we work on helping them bring their projects to life. By offering ghostwriting and collaborative services that are up to traditional publishing standards, we bridge the gap between author and agent by lending our flair for written communication with publishing industry savvy.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in:

  • Standard book production services for independent authors (editing, book layout, proofreading, manuscript evaluations)
  • Book development services for partially completed or unfinished manuscripts (developmental editing or collaborative writing)
  • Writing a book but don't have the time, energy, or talent to do it (ghostwriting)
  • Finding an agent to represent you and your work
  • Low-cost marketing and promotion services for an existing or forthcoming book


Our Mission

Our mission with every title we work on is to provide the most professional services possible. We adhere to the highest standards of content development, editing, design, and marketing to assure our author clients have the greatest chance of impacting the world with their books.

I am very grateful to Lampas Books for the creativity, expertise, and support they provided in the packaging and publication of my first book. I encourage anyone interested in self-publishing to consider Lampas for their editing and formatting needs. They understood how special my book was to me and, with care, helped me to bring my dream to fruition.
— Sheryl King, Transformational Coach and Author of Leadership by Insanity

Lampas Books AUTHOR Success Stories

  • Author client Preston Fleming's dark dystopian novel, Forty Days at Kamas, has been called a "gripping read," receiving over 500 positive reviews on Amazon. Preston also worked with us on his spy thriller trilogy, which is also doing well.
  • Author client Angela Artemis's title, The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of, imparts wisdom that her readers have found tremendously informative. They have consistently given her books a five-star rating.