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One of the hardest parts of being an author is finding the right editor to suit your needs. There are plenty of places to look for an editor, but not all of them have the standards to which professional book editors subscribe. This can mean the difference between having a well-edited work that is ready to move on to the next stage of production and one that requires an additional pair of eyes to be ready for publishing.

The founder of Lampas Books has been in the book production business for the past fifteen years. We know what qualifies an editor to be listed in a professional category. We’ve worked with many high-caliber book production professionals, and we know how to tell the difference between a legitimate book editor and one who is not.

Now you can take advantage of this free service to match you with the right editor for your project. Just tell us a little bit about what you are working on. Then we’ll send the message out to our network of vetted book editors. All of the editors in our network have passed a series of tests to prove their proficiency in the book publishing industry standard editing manual, The Chicago Manual of Style, and are also familiar with the standard production procedures at major publishing houses.

By filling out the form below, you are also entered to win a free copy of our forthcoming ebook, Easy Self-Editing for Authors. This handy guide is a must-have for authors who work with freelance editors. It provides a list of the most common editorial mistakes authors make and how to avoid them. Not to mention that it will help you foster a stronger relationship with your editor!

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Since our staff has so much experience in the book publishing industry, performing any number of tasks necessary to create high-quality books, we know exactly what to look for from our editors. All editors go through a rigorous testing phase and must be able to demonstrate significant, high-quality work performed at a major publishing house or as a freelancer. Oftentimes, this is the same testing structure that traditional publishing houses require when seeking to add editors to their staffs. Only those editors who score high on our assessment test are invited to join our network. This system of validation means you can be absolutely sure that your project will receive the careful attention it deserves and that it will be ready for the next stage of production.


All projects prices are based on a per-word or per-page flat rate. The rate is based on the complexity of the work and may vary depending on the types of skills needed. The base rates for our services (the minimum you should expect to pay):

  • copyediting is $0.01 per word
  • manuscript review is $1.00 per page
  • developmental editing is $0.02 per word
  • proofreading is $2.00 per typeset page
  • indexing is $1.50 per manuscript page

What do you mean by Intelligent Editor Matching?

After we learn as much as we can about your project, we send out a job alert to members of our Freelance Editor Network. Among those who apply to work on the manuscript, we pick the top three candidates based on experience in the author's genre (i.e., the number and type of projects in that genre). For example, if you are writing a fantasy novel, we select the candidates who have the most experience in that genre. Then you are able to pick from among the top three candidates, giving you flexibility and the ability to be fully invested in the editorial experience. Most author-editor services do not go to such lengths to foster strong author-editor relationships. This is why we have placed so much emphasis on the process. Whether you are publishing independently or pitching to an agent, your manuscript will be ready for the next stage of your production schedule.

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