Free Editorial Critique of Your Query Letter and writing sample

Have you ever wondered what a literary agent might say about your query letter? Most authors who send a query letter to a literary agent receive a boilerplate response—if anything at all. It can be a little discouraging to receive such a message, because there is no feedback. Feedback is important if an author wants to improve his or her writing skills and marketability.

Now is your chance to submit a query letter and receive valuable feedback! Our founder worked as an assistant acquisitions editor for a major publisher and played a major role in determining which titles the publishing house offered publishing contracts to. He devoted fruitful relationships with literary agents in the process. Additionally, he has helped dozens of authors with developmental editing in an attempt to make authors more appealing to literary agents and publishers. This means he has developed a uniquely critical eye for tapping raw talent, creativity, and a strong literary voice.

Paste your one-page pitch and the first five pages of your manuscript in the text box below. We will provide you with a free assessment designed to prepare you for pitching to literary agents.

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Suggestions for crafting query letters

Query letters should, in general, be limited to one page and composed of the following elements:

  • Introductory paragraph. Introduce your work, genre, approximate word count, and a short one-liner about the story.
  • Second paragraph. Go into further detail about your work, highlighting important characters, themes, and circumstances.
  • Third paragraph. Mention any previous publishing credits, literary awards, or critiques from reputable sources. Otherwise, include biographical information that makes you qualified to write your book.


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