Here's a more in-depth look at some of our projects.

Awaken to Existence: Discover the You Within

Adrian Herbert (Toronto: Chofesh, 2014)

Adrian Herbert's thought-provoking book encourages us all to awaken to ourselves. We worked with Adrian on the development and editing of his manuscript. Because his book included concepts that really needed to be understood by the reader, the editing process involved honing in on those concepts, making them easier to understand. We also worked with Adrian on his second book, The God behind the God


Murder Most Judgmental

M. J. Hatch (Fontana, Calif.: Hatch Books, 2014)

A highly successful California attorney by day, the stories in M. J. Hatch's Murder Most series appear at times as though they were ripped right out of the headlines. Hatch speaks from what she knows, and her fictional character protagonist hero, Jake Swanson, is the right blend of danger and gumshoe savvy to pull it off. We've worked with M. J. on several of her projects in several different editorial and production capacities.


Superhero Single Dad

Kalani Vale (Chicago: Bexsi Publishing, 2014)

Kalani Vale is a motivational speaker with a strong message for all the single dads who are balancing working, parenting, and social lives. He blends his experience working with some of the top motivational speakers in the world with real-life experiences of parenthood, creating a positive model for successful living. We helped Kalani with development and editing, as well as interior design.