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Professional Editors can register here to join our professional network and receive job announcements about new Editing projects from our Authors

We have a wide selection of authors looking to match up with professional editors for ongoing projects. Some are hoping to self-publish and others are actively seeking literary representation for their books. All of them are seeking the advice and expertise of experienced editors. If you are a professional book editor who would like to join our network and receive updates about job announcements, please fill out the form below. You will be asked to take a short test to prove your competency level with the Chicago Manual of Style. Once a job announcement comes in, we’ll pass it along to our editing network. FEN editors will have an opportunity to explain why they feel they are the best fit for the project. We will go through the process of providing recommendations of top candidates to the authors, allowing them to make the best decision. Strong author-editor relationships can last a long time, and our intent is to foster those relationships.


How are we different from other editing networks?

We've taken a different spin on author-editor relationships by allowing our authors to make informed choices. Instead of us picking an editor for them, they get to make that choice based on our recommendations--who we believe to be the best fit for the project. This is an opportunity for the author to be fully engaged and vested in the production process. We screen the editors to make sure their editing style is congruent with our house style. And we rank editors based on how well their experiences match with the authors needs.

How many editing projects do you have coming in each month?

Currently, we have about twenty editing projects per month, but that appears to be growing, which is why we need highly qualified editors to match with authors. All of the projects are full-length books (over 50,000 words) and have been screened to determine readiness for the particular stage of editing the author requests. For example, if the author requests proofreading and has not had an initial  copyedit, we will solicit for a copyeditor from among our network and advise the author of its necessity.

How are members of the Freelance Editor Network paid? What are your rates?

Editors are paid 50 percent of the total project price upon acceptance of an offer from one of our authors. The remaining 50 percent is paid upon successful completion of a manuscript editing project. 

The rates are based on standardized per-word and per-page amounts as shown below. The prices listed here represent the base rate for each of our services. A premium is placed on each project after we are able to determine the scope of work (complexity, approximate number of hours necessary to complete, etc.). For example, a 70,000-word nonfiction title that has lots of citations, charts, and special sections will be pay higher than the published base rate of $0.01 for copyediting.

  • copyediting is $0.01 per word
  • manuscript review is $1.00 per page
  • developmental editing is $0.02 per word
  • proofreading is $2.00 per typeset page
  • indexing is $1.50 per manuscript page

Does it cost anything to become a member? 

Once an editor has been accepted into the Freelance Editor Network, there is no membership fee. A $45.00 administrative fee is assessed to the each project an editor accepts through the network; this fee will be deducted from the first payment for each project. 

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