Publishing expert reveals secrets of the industry and tells you what you need to know to succeed as a self-published or independently published author.

The Author Toolkit provides tips on marketing, promotion, and publishing best practices for new and beginning authors.

Free EBOOK for Authors Who Intend to Self-Publish or
Seek a literary Agent

Publishing and marketing a book have never been easier. There are plenty of people out there who have come from nothing and made a name for themselves. 

The new age of publishing is here, and savvy authors are making a killing. If you are passionate about writing, there's no reason you can't be successful as a self-published author. In the same way Malcolm Gladwell outlines traits of successful people in his Outliers: The Story of Success, author Thomas M. Hill shares the common habits of successful authors and offers practical advice based on his publishing experience. In addition to working in traditional publishing, he has served as a book shepherd to a handful of highly successful authors. The Author Toolkit profiles some of those success stories and offers practical advice on how to position yourself for success as an independent author or publisher.

In this free ebook, you'll learn:

  • How to prepare yourself for the life of a published author
  • How to come up with a realistic timeline and budget for your book
  • The basics of social media marketing and how to stay relevant
  • Low-cost approaches to content marketing that get results

Plus, we've thrown in a handy resource guide for authors who are looking for highly credentialed editors, graphic designers, and book production specialists! Just fill out the form and click "Submit." Then choose which version of The Author Toolkit ebook you would like.

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